Activities to help you reconnect with nature

Nature is there to be enjoyed! Ardennes-étape has put together a number of activities to do while in the Ardennes, helping you discover or rediscover our beautiful natural surroundings. Why not take a short break in one of our holiday homes? Want to know more? This is where it all happens!

Immerse yourself with forest bathing in Jalhay

Shhhh… silence has fallen on the High Fens. The branches rustle under your walking shoes. The tops of the fir trees dance to the rhythm of the wind, as you move gently through the wilderness. You stop. You listen. You breathe. All five of your senses are now stimulated. The surrounding nature is tranquil, yet full of life, with every little noise arousing your curiosity. Let Manon lead you through this forest bath, guiding you through breathing and meditation exercises to help you reconnect with your emotions, as well as with the surrounding nature.

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Follow the beavers’ trail with the Bureau des Guides in La Roche-en-Ardenne

Put on your shoes, grab your binoculars, and head out to meet the beavers near La Roche-en-Ardenne. Your guide will lead you along the waterways, giving you the best tips to find this little-known animal, all while respecting its privacy and preservation. Follow the beavers’ trail, take in its impressive dams, and reconnect with the wild. A smooth encounter in harmony with the fauna and the babbling of the river.

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Forage for wild plants in Malmedy

Reconnecting with nature also means learning more about the plants all around us. Follow nature guide Vanessa for a gastronomic excursion full of surprises and discover the world of edible wild plants. Depending on the season, you’ll come across different scents and flavours, all guaranteed to awaken your senses. There will be time to enjoy the wonderful dishes prepared by Vanessa just for you, including quiche, tapenade, etc. Don’t forget your basket, your scissors, and your notebook!

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Recharge your batteries on a PackRaft getaway with Thomas in Dinant

This activity proposed by Thomas is a cross between a return to our roots and adventure. Grab your backpack and let’s go for a five-hour experience on the water. Enjoy the incredible Dinant landscape on foot, before then inflating your own personal boat. Let the current take you down the river Lesse for a fascinating journey that will leave you relaxed and recharge your batteries. Can you hear the sound of rushing water, the birds singing, and feel the breeze on your skin?

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