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Forestia Parcours Aventure

Forestia Adventureinvites you for an unforgettable day "between Heaven and Earth", filled with adventure and excitement. Challenging obstacle courses for all generations.


Forestia Adventure Course

The Forestia Adventure Park is made up of 10 tracks of different levels of difficulty and a giant zip-line of 120 metres!

- Ant route: adapted to children as from 2 y/o.

Ladybird route: adapted to children as from 2 y/o.

Dragonfly route: adapted to children between 5 and 10 y/o

- Ferret route : course for the entire family as from 8 y/o !!! (since 2011)

Squirrel route: Children of minimum 8 y/o can test their balance while having fun

Lynx route: For all youngsters and adults as from the age of 10*(* children of 10 or 11 y/o must be accompanied by a person from minimum 12 y/o). You’ll experience the sensation of being high up and surpass yourself.

Grizzly route: for teenagers of at least 12 years old and adults, a track with more aerial and technical obstacles

Falcon route: for teenagers and adults looking for a track with more intense sensations.

- Puma route: for those who are in search of thrilling sensations, as from 12 y/o!!! (Since 2011)

Young Eagle’s Nest: for youngsters of age 12 and taller than 1m80 arms up

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