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Brasserie des Fagnes

The Brasserie des Fagnes is worth a visit for three reasons. The museum show old machines and installations. The modern brewery produces the most delicious beers. And the tavern is the perfect spot to sit down for a drink or a snack, while kids have fun at the playground.


Brasserie des Fagnes in Mariembourg

The Brasserie des Fagnes in Mariembourg, that’s three virtues in one :

- a museum on the brewer’s profession between 1858 and 1970
- a modern, active brewery
- a delightful place to taste and to enjoy a meal

Also, the beer festival, the second weekend of July, is absolutely worth a visit.


“What the visitors get to see here is the Degaucquier brewery”, explains owner Frédéric Adant. “It was founded in 1858 on the Place Leopold in Chimay. After the shutdown in 1970 I bought the different parts in order to display them here. These are all in very good condition. The brewer took excellent care of his materials.”

“I love showing the visitors this ancient brewery.”

Informative panels and audio clips facilitate the visit. Touch screens show us even more. Everything is free.


Beer is produced from Wednesday to Sunday. Visitors are able to have a look at the production process, since the Brasserie des Fagnes has nothing to hide. Cleanliness in the workshop is impeccable. Brewer Luc Prion is often available to have a chat with the visitors. He loves talking about his beautiful profession.

The Brewery des Fagnes in Mariembourg, in the Belgian province of Namur, is open since 1998. The beer Super des Fagnes was created in the ‘70s.


The tavern is a spacious room divided into two floors. In winter visitors get to warm up around the fire, in summer kids can have fun at the playground. Beer comes straight from the barrels in the brewery. You won’t get them any fresher anywhere.

Enjoy a light or dark special beer, or a ‘kriek’ (sour cherry) for only two euros. Another option: excellent dishes, with local food products from the Belgian Ardennes, no more expensive than 10 euros.

Positive points
+ easy parking on the other side of the road
+ excellent price/quality relation
+ warm welcome, friendly personnel and the managers are true enthusiasts
+ we recommend the beer panel with 4 special cuvées for the beer enthusiasts. More in the mood for a surprise? Try the brewer’s cuvée, changing with the brewer’s mood, or the caramel-flavoured junior beer with low alcohol percentage.

Negative points
- restrooms are not wheelchair accessible
- no view from the tavern on the playground, this makes it difficult to keep an eye on the kids.

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