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Farmer's Gold domain la Ferme de la Bourgade

The Farmer's Golf domain La Ferme de la Bourgade in Heure consists of ten holes. The terrain is perfect for an afternoon of fun with friends, colleagues or with the whole family. Farmer's Golf is also known as Agrogolf and suitable for all ages.


Heure Farmer’s Golf - La Ferme de la Bourgade

The Heure Farmer’s Golf was founded in April 2005 in the Somme-Leuze hamlet. The golf course follows the Moressée river through the beautiful setting of the Belgian Ardennes.

The extensive Ferme de la Bourgade Agrogolf course, in the Belgian province of Hainaut, has ten holes and is still being used by the farmers in the area. It might just happen that one is playing Farmer’s Golf amidst cows or sheep. Teams of two to five players take on the challenge and they use a form to keep score.

Compared to regular golf, Agrogolf is quite rough. The golf club is a lot heavier and the ball much bigger. Evidently, the surface on which you play Farmer’s Golf is not nearly as smooth as a traditional golf course.

After the game, you are more than welcome to stay for a drink, perhaps apple juice, a local beer or a milkshake,… The owners of the Farm de la Bourgade can also prepare a pic-nick basket. This is available to you halfway through the golf course. Reservation required.

It's the perfect occasion for enjoying a long weekend in an Ardennes-Etape holiday home


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