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In the Ardennes, the former abbey of Malmedy has made way for a museum, workshop and exhibition complex with tons of history and culture from Malmedy to display.


Le Malmundarium

The old Malmedy Abbey in the Belgian Ardennes has been completely renovated. The studios-museums are now open for the general public. This place teaches you everything about the history of the city of Malmedy, the leather and paper industry, the traditional Carnival celebration and all on a 3000 m² surface, divided in two floors. Submerge yourself in the history and folklore of Malmedy!

This building from the year 648 (three years older than the Stavelot Abbey) is located right next to Liège’s second largest Cathedral and is completely accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Leather workshop

Scents, textures, light effects,...Discover everything about the leather industry, which was an important industry in Malmedy from the 16th century.

Carnival workshop

In this part of the museum, the visitor will get to see models of floats, costumes, music documents and videos that reveal this tradition of Malmedy. The five centuries old tradition still remembers its Walloon name: the Cwarmê.

Paper workshop

The paper museum will teach you everything about the different paper production techniques from around the world fro the very beginning till today. It also discusses the various predecessors of paper as we know it.

Two models draw the attention: a paper machine from the late 19th century and a paper mill from the 18th century. Visitors can attend a workshop of paper production on request.

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