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Centre de randonnée: les cavaliers de Saint-Remacle

The equestrian centre that is situated at Cugnon at only 10 minutes from Bouillon, proposes horseback rides for everyone as from 12 years old. Cécile Decamps and her husband Michel Bouvy put together tailor-made programs in function of your level and your wishes.


Centre Randonnée - The Horsemen of Saint-Remacle

The small village of Cugnon is located at around 10 minutes from the city of Bouillon in the Belgian Ardennes and is divided by the river Semois. The owners of the Centre Randonnée - The Horsemen of Saint-Remacle (les Cavaliers de Saint-Remacle) Cécile Decamps and Michel Bouvy will give you a warm welcome. They organise horseback riding expeditions in the Belgian Ardennes and they clearly live for their horses. Talking with Cécile, our guide for the day, it becomes crystal clear to us: the well-being of the horses is their first priority.

First task at hand: to go fetch the horses in the field. Dolly is appointed to us: a beautiful white mare with a peaceful vibe. We give the horses a quick brush before saddling. Ready for a two-hour trip!

Cécile takes into account our wishes and skills during the complete tour. She has a lot to tell us about different types of plants and mushrooms.

We decide to follow a comfortable pace and Cécile tells us how to choose the correct position on the saddle and how to hold the reins. She is very thoughtful of us!

The trip takes two hours & two hours through the beautiful Ardennes forests, never far away from the river Semois and it’s over before we realise. We had very little experience with horseback riding, but under Cécile’s professional guidance we felt confident to take on the challenge.

We can recommend Les Cavaliers de Saint-Remacle to everyone wanting to explore Bouillon and the surrounding area and feels like doing something really original for a change.

Positive points

+ the owners are very thoughtful for everyone and carefully answer all questions;
+ horseback riding expeditions are for every skill level.

Negative points

- minimum age is 12 (for insurance reasons);
- groups limited to 6 persons, which might be quite restrictive.

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