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The moment Ardennes-Etape was founded, it chose to settle in a natural setting, the border of the High Fens and the Ardennes above the city of Stavelot, in the Belgian province of Liège.
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Privacy Policy – Politique du respect de la vie privée

If this text is difficult to understand, please have a look at the summary.

  • Art. 1. Identification, purpose of and necessity for processing personal data.

    1.1 Ardennes-Etape is a registered trademark property of ASTERIA sprl, with its headquarters in Belgium, 4970 Stavelot, Avenue Constant Grandprez 29. ASTERIA sprl can be contacted by telephone on the number +32 80 29 24 00, by fax on the number +32 80 29 24 09 and by email on the address info@Ardennes-Etape.com.

    ASTERIA sprl is VAT-registered (VAT number: BE 0473952094), registered at the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises with the number 0473.952.094 and recognised by the Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI number: 502682).

    1.2 The processing of your personal data by ASTERIA sprl, which will carry out such processing, occurs in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to personal data, with a view to:

    • acceptance and processing of your registration on the site www.ardennes-etape.com, your (future) reservation or order;
    • collection of statistic and carrying out of tests, and the overall management of customer relations, including the promotion of products by ASTERIA sprl or one of its associate companies (see Article 2.3.);
    • the communication of Ardennes-Etape news letters on paper and in electronic form.

    For the purposes of the successful management of your registration on the site www.ardennes-etape.com and of orders for services offered by Ardennes-Etape, ASTERIA sprl needs the information requested in the compulsory fields when you register on the site. Without this data your registration or order cannot be effected.

    For our statistics, we are collecting the visited pages and your IP address (not your email address) so that we can identify you as unique user.

    For your subscription to the Ardennes-Etape newsletter, we register your email, first and last name.
    To complete a reservation through our website, we collect your first name, last name, country, location, postal code, street name and number, date of birth, phone number and sex. We also send you our newsletter if you subscribed to this in step 1 of the booking procedure. If you booked an Ardennes-Etape holiday home, you will receive by email all necessary documents. We also use your mobile phone number in order to send you a welcome message, practical information and special offers. We will contact you by phone if necessary in order to inform you of your online booking.

    Our Web site also uses cookies, small temporary file stored on your computer and containing information that has to be used on our site and without which our site could not work correctly. It also allows us to personalize our offer and content. For more information on our cookie policy, please visit http://en.ardennes-etape.com/cookies.

    1.3 Personal information transferred or received via our website is always encrypted using the usual standards in the IT industry. We take the necessary measures to avoid loss, unlawful use or modification of information received via our website.

    1.4 ASTERIA sprl can use consumer information for new ends not yet specified in the privacy policy. If this is the case, we will contact you before using your information for these new ends in order to inform you of the modifications in our policy on the protection of personal information and in order to give you the chance to opt out of participation.

  • Art. 2. Communication of personal data to third parties

    2.1. As agent, and with a view to the success of your reservation of order, Asteria sprl communicates certain information to companies or persons offering their goods or services through the site www.Ardennes-Etape.com. When you reserve a holiday home, ASTERIA sprl will notify the owner of the rented property, his administrator and/or the local agent of your name and forename, address, telephone number, and where appropriate your mobile phone number, your agent address and your bank details (for the return of your deposit).

    2.2. In the event of complaint or dispute arising from a service offered through the intermediary of Ardennes-Etape, and if so required, certain information may be given to third parties: to a competent authority, your representative, or the adversary or his representative.

    2.3. If you don’t want to receive any of Ardennes-Etape’s promotional material, you can inform us of this using the following email address: info@Ardennes-Etape.com.

    2.4. Based upon our clients and prospects database, we can use email addresses for our Facebook ads. This enables us to show certain ads to customers or prospects that have given us their trust. It helps us to create more targeted and relevant publicity for our audience. More information can be found on https://www.facebook.com/policy.php

  • Art. 3. Consultation and amendment of your personal data.

    Most of your data can be consulted freely at any time by going to your personal page on the site www.ardennes-etape.com, where you can rectify the information if necessary. As you have provided this data, ASTERIA cannot be held responsible for the content.

    By sending a written application, signed and dated and accompanied by proof of identity, to the head of processing, whose address is below, you can obtain a free copy of the information held about you in writing, and you can remove or rectify any information which is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant. You may also contact the Commission for the protection of privacy in order to exercise these rights.

    Asteria sprl - Ardennes-Etape, Avenue Constant Grandprez 29, B-4970 Stavelot Belgium

  • Art. 4. Acceptance by the customer

    The tenant hereby expressly agrees to accept these purposes. By providing ASTERIA sprl your personal information, you expressly authorise the processing of this information for the purposes indicated above. These data shall be used only for the purposes listed above, unless the tenant subsequently expressly objects. The personal information which you give us is recorded in a ASTERIA sprl file which is the exclusive property of the latter.

  • Art. 5. Retention of personal data

    The data shall be held for a period of 10 years after the end of our mission. They shall not be transferred to any third party except as indicated above and for the purposes set out above.

  • Art. 6. Other information

    If at any time you think that we have failed to respect your privacy, please contact us by letter or agent (info@ardennes-etape.com), and we will do everything in our power to investigate and correct the problem. If you would like further information, contact us or the Commission for the Protection of Privacy at the following address: Commission for the Protection of Privacy, Rue Haute, 139 - 1000 Brussels (Tel. + 32 2 213 85 40 - Fax. + 32 2 213 85 65 - commission@privacy.fgov.be).

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Ardennes-Etape is a Belgian company which provides owners of holiday homes with a unique portal to manage their rentals.
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